Perfect Eye Brow
Choose the right shape your face
Depending on the shape of your face, an eyebrow can detract or enhance your overall look. Beauty experts suggest a fuller brow for square-shaped faces, arched eyebrows for a round face and straight eyebrows for a long face. Each of these styles creates balance and symmetry to your forehead and jaw line.
Allow a professional to shape your brows
For the initial shaping of your eyebrow, it's best to allow a professional to wax, tweeze or thread the eyebrows so you don't have to worry about making a mistake. Once the professional has created the perfect eyebrow for your face, you can easily use a pair of tweezers at home to maintain a shape. A professional is always the best way to go for your first time shaping your eyebrows because they will tell you exactly what you need to do to maintain the current look and give you tips on how to style your brows.
Eyebrow Threading
Eyebrow Threading is an ancient technique used to remove unwanted facial hair, created and used by people from Nepal, India, and central Asia. A cotton thread is twisted and rolled along the surface of the skin, entwining the hairs in the thread, which are then lifted out from the follicle. When the hair is threaded it is removed one hair at a time, thus creating a cleaner and well defined shape for your eyebrows.

The benefits of threading are that there is little risk of burning, redness and irritation because threading does not peel off layers of skin, this method of hair removal is considered to be gentle, less painful, more precise and longer lasting than tweezing and waxing. This is also a great remedy for eliminating ingrown hair.

Threading is also used to remove hair from upper and lower lip, chin, sideburns and cheeks. Facial threading is a great alternative to waxing and tweezing specially for people with sensitive skin. Additionally, threading exfoliates the skin, giving you a “mini-facial”.

I work with a highly trained and experienced specialist who will provide incredible service and show you all the benefits of threading
Enhance your eyebrows
Once you have the shape of your eyebrows in place, the tools you have at home will keep your eyebrows looking great. For beginners, a quality pair of tweezers is all you need to maintain the shape of your eyebrow. for a more precise and longer lasting clean brow threading is also an option. Products you should have on hand include an eyebrow pencil and concealer to keep your brows looking amazing when you use makeup.

Steps to enhancing your Eyebrows:

  • Tweeze, wax or have your brows threaded to your desired shape
  • Use a brown or dark brown eyeliner to fill in sparse eyebrows
  • Using MAC Studio Finish concealer (two shades lighter than your complexion) apply with a flat angled brush to the top and bottom of your eyebrows
  • Using flat angled brush, concealer brush or fingers blend into to skin and hide strays while defining the arch

Note : This can be done before or after applying foundation just be sure to blend very well if applying foundation first.